DevOps Delivers Technology and Innovation Faster

March 3, 2023

In an ever-growing IT industry, DevOps is becoming vital in aligning the development, QA, and operations teams to deliver innovation faster. By implementing DevOps, the development processes are optimized from ideation to evolution. The merger of the development and operations teams is creating a frictionless environment to accomplish the goals, i.e., improved release timelines, quality in-app releases, faster bug fixes, and nonexistent downtime. DevOps environments run any software through their software development lifecycle. For timely and proficient delivery of software, automation tools are implemented along with CI/CD pipelines, i.e., Ansible, Jenkins, Puppet, Chef, and Maven.

Zigron is proud to have a pool of DevOps experts who work as a key differentiator for businesses today. We, through DevOps, help organizations innovate faster by aligning the speed of software development through fully automated deployments and minimal code rework. Using DevOps, our developers create, build and run tests, deploy software, monitor performance, and get feedback continuously and automatically.


Your Business Needs DevOps!

DevOps offers a range of benefits to organizations that employ it in their software development. It not only brings business agility but helps in the rapid and frequent deployment of innovation for end-users. Most importantly, automation helps organizations eliminate manual intervention. As a result, productivity is improved and thus the revenue generation. Results have shown that better services and applications help improve customer satisfaction and experience, thus leading to better customer retention rates, and customer retention leads to higher revenues.

DevOps uses agile methodology at its backbone, which helps boost collaboration, and fosters iterative development and modular programming, which makes it easy for development and operations teams. It also helps promote a culture of resolving the issues of communication and enables teams to research new customers’ needs and bring innovative solutions to address them. The beauty of DevOps is that it processes continuously rather than reactively and thus improves the quality of deploying new features.


Impact on Agility

DevOps agility means delivering innovation and value. Puppet reports that by bringing DevOps on board, deployment of code has become 46x faster. Likewise, recovering from failures has become 96x, and implementation changes are 440x faster.


Workflow Efficiency 

Using DevOps, manual tasks have been greatly reduced because of automation, allowing employees to work more effectively. As of which, employee productivity is increased by 51%, while in development of software and products is increased by 26%. In short, the organization experiences lower operational costs.


Growing Revenue

It is lucrative to work in DevOps. As per reports, companies that use DevOps see an average increase of 20% in revenue, and software can be released more frequently, with lowered costs, improved KPIs, and long-term growth and stability.


Improved Customer Satisfaction 

Research shows that companies adopting DevOps experience a 45% improvement in customer satisfaction and a 74% improvement in customer experience. Customers who are given better service tend to be more loyal and are likely to purchase again. As a result, companies are adding more DevOps to their architectural hierarchy.


Boost to Competitiveness

Producing higher-quality apps quickly collects and analyzes feedback and continuously acts on that feedback to improve the product to come at par with other similar companies.


The Future is DevOps

In the future, DevOps will likely bring changes in tooling and organizational strategies, but as a whole, it will help bring automation and efficiency to processes which will be the ultimate game-changer. Connectivity among teams creates the opportunity to infuse incremental innovation across the system lifecycle, and DevOps helps put an organization in the best position to capitalize on the opportunity.


Automation Will Play a Major Role

Automation continues to play a major role in DevOps transformation and artificial intelligence for IT operations; simply, AIOps is helping organizations achieve their DevOps goals. The core elements of AIOps are—machine learning, performance baseline, anomaly detection, automated root cause analysis (RCA), and predictive insights to accelerate routine operational tasks. AIOps is an emerging technology that is transforming IT operations and resolving issues, which will be a crucial component of the future of DevOps.


AI-Ops To Make Service Uptime Easier 

In addition to using Data Science and computational techniques to automate tasks, AIOps ingest metrics and use inference models to pull actionable insights from data. AIOps automation capabilities are making service uptime much easier to achieve, from monitoring to alerting to remediation, proactive detection to reduce downtime, improved collaboration, faster deployments, and more.


Focused Cloud Optimization

DevOps is deemed to bring a greater focus on optimizing the use of cloud technologies. The centralized nature of the cloud networks provides DevOps automation with a standard platform for testing, deployment, and production. Regardless of which advanced technologies the future brings, organizations realize that DevOps is about the journey evolving with that journey.


Let Zigron Make Your Organization Efficient Through Automation

In today’s world, when organizations’ technology is intelligent and deep – DevOps’s job is to automate and execute this better and faster. We at Zigron have DevOps experts who offer solutions that have a lifecycle beyond deployment to exceed customers’ expectations. Using principal concepts and practices behind DevOps methodologies, we design and implement DevOps that supports multiple DevOps pipelines. By leveraging automated testing in different environments, we guarantee high-performance cloud-native applications with the ability to innovate quickly while modernizing existing applications. Learn more about our DevOps services and step into the world of the future where everything is automated.