Cheetah Technologies

Client Need

  1. Entire Cheetah’s transformation to new technologies from old ones.
  2. Cheetah XD new enhanced UI.
  3. Replacement of unsupported front-end components with new feature rich components.
  4. Internationalization of the product.

Zigron Input

Zigron Improved user interface for dashboard.

  1. It introduced new UI support for new devices.
    1. Support for power supplies.
    2. Fiber nodes.
    3. GX2 Chassis.
    4. Prisma Chassis and modules.
    5. Network Tracker Plus.
  2. Zigron also proposed and implemented solution for Tree View component.
  3. Implemented internationalization support in cheetah for whole project.
  4. Besides, zigron also introduced new cosmetic changes in the product.

Outcome of Zigron

All services, provided by zigron fulfilled client’s requirements within contracted deadlines and contract finished successfully.

Client Reaction

Cheetah was impressed by zigron’s achievements. And client was happy on project’s successful completion.

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