Client Need

Unblock Analytics:

  1. An analytics based product to analyse the real time data and traffic of unblock application.
  2. Application should have a feature to visualize big data insights using highcharts/Google map.
  3. Application should have a feature to identify user churn rate/user gain on time basis.
  4. Application should be able to identity User trends (at which time of the day user uses streaming or gaming) and users most viewed content.
  5. Application should be able to track user traveling nodes and visualize it on google map.

Zigron Input

Zigron designed and built the application having the following features.

Predictive analysis

This analysis has a feature to predict user trends.

Fraud analysis

This analysis has a feature to detect account sharing.

Big data visualizations

This feature has the ability to drill down the visualization into more detail and use interactive filters to help visualize useful content.

Real Time traffic trends analysis

This analysis has the capability to visualize user trends (content usage) on region and time basis.

Real time users analysis

It helps visualize user current bandwidth, memory and cpu usage.

User churn/gain analysis

It helps visualize application user gain and loss on time basis.

Outcome of Zigron

The product was completed within the timelines and accepted and warm welcome from client.

Client Reaction

Disrupt was satisfied.

Client Need

Unblock: An adhoc (p2p) based VPN application for secure, open and fast internet surfing include.

  1. Simple browser extension for freemium users without any special feature but just as a proxy.
  2. A desktop application for premium users with paid features like secure, virus free and fast surfing.

Zigron Input

Zigron built.

  1. Unblock extensions for chrome and mozilla browsers which were able to communicate with p2p clients and central servers as well.
  2. Unblocked desktop installers for Mac and Windows platform those were the key part of p2p VPN.
  3. Desktop daemon for continuous service with configurable options as a tray application.

Outcome of Zigron

The product including browser extensions and desktop application with installer was successfully developed and launched within the target timelines and receive a warm welcome from the internet users.

Client Reaction

Client was satisfied from zigron’s Input.

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