Client Need

Extreme NMS on Cloud.

  1. Collect logs from devices using Amazon kinesis stream.
  2. Store logs in centralized NoSQL database Cassandra.
  3. Use apache spark to process stored data and visualize.
  4. Deploy extreme networks application on cloud.

Zigron Input

Zigron team put an effort to develop Extreme Network application using big data technologies like Apache Spark and Cassandra. Zigron implemented the following features in Extreme network application.

  1. Zigron team implemented a centralized logs collection system to collect logs from multiple network devices.
  2. A centralized nosql database to store all collected logs.
  3. Implementation of KPI’s to help Extreme Network analyze their network.
  4. Visualizations to help filter and visualize useful information.
  5. Deployed Extreme networks application on cloud.

Outcome of Zigron

Zigron built and moved the NMS application on cloud successfully.

Client Reaction

Extreme was surprised by Zigron’s achievement as this was not easy in NMS/EMS/TMS world.

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