Client Need

This project generate the complete dynamic complex user interface from schema defined in data base, like tables, layouts, models, layouts and models integration, models communication.

Genband View: Dynamic UI generator having the following specifications.

  1. Generate the UI models from data base schema.
  2. Models integration from data base schema.
  3. Dynamic generated models communication based from data base schema.
  4. User interface look and feel generation from data base schema.

Zigron Input

Zigron designed and built the dynamic UI generator for Element center with following features.

  1. Zigron created new UI/Ux for element center to handle million of devices.
  2. Zigron developed a Dynamic UI generator that generate pages on fly based on the Meta data.
  3. Zigron Updated the previous UI system of element center.

Outcome of Zigron

The product was completed in given time, and accepted and warm welcome from client.

Client Reaction

Genband was impressed by zigron achievement.And they are very happy at the completion of project.

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