Cloud Infrastructure Management

Cloud Infrastructure Management service helps managing the health, execution and security of any open cloud infrastructure including Amazon Web Service, Microsoft Azure, Joyent, Rackspace, and any private cloud fabricated using Eucalyptus or OpenStack.

Cloud Managed services includes the following services:

  • Setup: The installation of software and setup of Cloud infrastructure.
  • Arrangement: Hardware and programming setup.
  • Dynamic Monitoring: Proactive and continuous monitoring of your cloud infrastructure, instant alarms on email and mobile.
  • Cost and Performance Optimization: Reduction on monthly cost for cloud infrastructure and amplify execution.
  • Support Changes: Add/expel resources (servers, storage, software) in nature as required.
  • Security: Constantly screen for security dangers and fix them immediately.

Service Highlights

  • Skills in various cloud infrastructure providers: Our engineers are knowledgeable about all leading open and private cloud stages. Therefore, whatever cloud IaaS provider you pick, we can help you manage!
  • Dynamic Monitoring: We continuously and proactively screen key system parameters of your cloud infrastructure, for example, memory utilization, bandwidth usage, server shortcomings, disk usage (I/O) and memory leaks. We keep you updated by sending you alerts via email or cellphone in case of error fixation.
  • Improve Performance: Cloud can be changed to a huge degree to increase execution and decrease infrastructure cost. A couple of regular systems are using the technique to monitor the utilization of servers, ensuring that the correct applications are running on the correct servers, load balancing, using content delivery network and staying on top of most recent devices and resources. We help you accomplish the vast majority of your cloud.
  • Secure and hack verification: Our security specialists continuously screen for any security dangers and fix them immediately. We screen and fix it immediately without you having to report.
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