Data Sciences

Despite of the developing accessibility and examination of vast data sets, there are numerous obstacles blocking the path to big data potential. Zigron offers the vital data science abilities that organizations are inadequate. We give novel arrangements intended to every organizations particular needs. We offer answers for information gathering, information association, propelled investigation, information perception and adaptability.

Advanced Analytics Solutions

We meet your business needs utilizing the best open source instruments and methods. A few examples include:

  • Social Media/Social Network Analysis
  • Motion and Geospatial Analytics
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Behavior Analysis
  • Predictive Analysis

Big Data Ecosystem Support

We use a variety of open source big data and analytics . A few examples include:

  • Apache Hadoop/Apache Spark
  • Machine Learning/Weka/Mahout/Spark MLib/TensorFlow
  • NoSQL/Hbase/MongoDB/Hive/Cassandra
  • Custom Analytics in Python-R

Our Expertise

We know how to match the proper equipment and programming with your long haul and short term business needs. We’ve been doing it for more than 25 years.

Ensuring Access to the Right Data

Use your association’s judgment and involvement with the right named element recognition and ontological characterization devices. You’re given the most significant and exhaustive venture into past reports, socials arrange posts, messages, contracts, articles and other accessible information.

Our Data Science practice will enable your enormous information program by offering benefits unobtainable before including:

  • Beating the competition: Our community, agile and inventive approach helps you distinguish high-value cases to remain in front of the opposition.
  • Growth through innovation: Our explorative and results-driven approach empowers enables seamless integration of new innovation resources and solutions to unveil new opportunities.
  • Embracing efficiency: Our tested and repeatable pre-assembled segments empowers the work of value formats for combination and templates for data access.
  • Scalable infrastructure:We distinguish high-value use cases lined up with your business targets to change them into generation prepared, adaptable and profitable arrangements.
  • Productive collaboration: Our experts work in partnership with your teams and use advanced and best-suited solutions to drive business outcomes faster.
  • Our specialists work in partnership with your teams and utilize progressed and most appropriate answers for suited solutions to drive business outcomes faster.
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