Network Management System (NMS) Implementation

NMS Expertise

Zigron team has been focused on the satellite, wireless, and telecommunications industry for over 20 years and has significant subject matter expertise and a long history of skill-sets capable of developing Network Management Systems (NMS) for satellite, wireless, and telecom OEMs. Zigron has developed numerous Network Management Systems using WebNMS, J2EE, and a number of other open source platforms.

Zigron has expertise in WebNMS, Element Center and Open NMS platforms. However, our team has the business and technical domain expertise to work with and implement/integrate any existing NMS platforms.

NMS Features

Zigron defines a simple and scalable architecture using the NMS framework. The Zigron development includes the following features but are not limited to it:

  • Discovery – Network discovery, Deep Discovery, Link Discovery, Cold start discovery, and Topology.
  • Chassis view for each device.
  • Fault and Mapping.
  • Out of the Box Fault Management and Alarm History.
  • Performance Monitoring (Simple data collection and graphs).
  • Basic & Enhanced Security.
  • Re-branding & Enhanced UX/UI.

Network Management System (NMS) Modernization

Need for NMS Modernization

As operators begin to add new networks and expand existing networks to support new technologies and products the necessity of scalable, flexible and functionally rich NMS systems arises.

Zigron specializes in NMS domain and has got skills to upgrade and enhance legacy network management systems that can fulfill and meet the rising demands.

Zigron Skill Sets in NMS

Zigron has earned a sterling reputation in the NMS domain for responsiveness and reliability. We have got a solid track with the following successful NMS upgrades delivered on time and within budget for multiple network management systems:

  • Architecture modernization.
  • Modifications in system’s structure.
  • Meticulous documentation of modules.
  • User experience enhancement.
  • Implementation and integration of new protocols.

Zigron currently partners with and has expertise in WebNMS, Element Center and Open NMS platforms. However, our team can work with and modernize/migrate any existing NMS platforms.

Architecture Modernization

The purpose of architecture modernization is to devise a target solution to support new and emerging network management needs. Our focus on requirements comes from our training, experience and the best practices.

Making changes to initial requirements is much easier than changing later in another phase of the software implementation process. But since we have experience in NMS domain, we are capable of successfully proposing and implementing the new architecture for NMS.

User Experience Enhancement

Zigron has worked on building rich user interfaces for network management systems that allow users to configure, view and administer the devices in the network in a simple and easy manner.

Structural Modifications

Zigron has the experience of implementing and integrating protocols in network management systems. Our resources are specifically trained over Layer 2/Layer 3 networking protocol.

Recently, we have integrated a new protocol (IPDR) in NMS. IPDR has gained popularity in recent years with cable operators as a highly efficient and scalable means of collecting data for measuring, managing and monetizing broadband services. The IP Detail Record (IPDR) protocol provides a standard framework for collecting subscriber usage and network instrumentation data in DOCSIS networks.

Meticulous Documentation

We provide all of our modules along with meticulous documentation in order to preserve the history of the systems at different cycles. This in turn makes life easy for the end users.

We have also trained our resources to perform meticulous logging during software development so, it is easier to test and debug the production system.

Knowledge Transfer

We work with our clients to ensure an effective and efficient knowledge transfer of the day-to-day workings of our solutions. This helps our clients maintain, support and enhance the modernized system.

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