VPN | Protocol

VPN Expertise

Zigron’s VPN solutions concentrate on speed, reliability and ease of access and form the core of numerous industry driving VPN solution providers. Zigron uses its profound ability over various orders to plan and actualize a scope of best-of-breed VPN soluions – and gives secure remote access for distributed organizations of all sizes.

As a remote way into your system, VPNs can posture hazard if not composed and actualized legitimately. We are expert in the control of security, versatility, consistence and remote access. These aptitude combined with our 10 or more years of IT experience, positions Zigron well to implement a VPN solution that conveys secure associations and ensures your users, networks, data.

With a wide range of VPN items and types available – including SSL, site-to-site, remote, high accessibility and reinforced – Zigron can outline and execute the VPN solutions that meets your remote access needs.

Protocol Expertise

Many of the solutions that Zigron develops are highly integrated with various networking protocols and our development team possesses expertise in TCP/IP networking at low protocol level. Developing multiple IoT system built on our historically strong networking expertise especially in the wireless arena.

The major core measure for design of IOT is the need of security between devices and cloud server. In accordance with other best practices we usually adopt SSL/TLS to anticipate information snooping and to guarantee that the IOT devices are communicating with a trusted cloud server, preventing any chance of hacking.

Relevant Skills

  • Bluetooth, and in particular Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) or Bluetooth Smart
  • Cellular
  • Z-Wave
  • MQTT
  • AMPQ
  • Wi-Fi / IEEE 802.11
  • ZigBee
  • XMPP
  • CoAP
  • DDS
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