Versatile, exceptionally accessible and cost-efficient networks are the method for the future. Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) and Software-Defined Networking (SDN) technologies guarantee various advantages, including reduction in both capital and working costs, quick time-to-market conveyance of new services, and enhancing ROI. Despite of the network you work or the sort of services you offer, NFV and SDN provide chances to enhance the financial aspects of your network while in the meantime enhancing your capacity to make, convey and manage new administration abilities.

Software Defined Networking (SDN)

SDN is another way to manage networks that shifts network administration from hardware to software and isolates the control plane from the data plane (infrastructure layer). By putting an end to the need of manually arranging hardware and enabling administrators to design networks of switches and routers from a focal control board and alter vast movement on the fly, SDN altogether lessens operational costs. SDN likewise lessens capital expenses by expanding traffic use of routers and other network assets. SDN technology empowers cloud structures by conveying automated, on-request application delivery and versatility at scale to meet changing business needs.

Network Function Virtualization (NFV)

NFV permits service providers to change their network worldview from fixed, closed and vendor-particular framework to an open, versatile and service-agile environment.

A software-driven network technique concentrates on advancing the network services themselves enabling administrators to decouple the network capacities, for example, DNS, NAT, reserving, and so forth, from exclusive hardware appliances and run them as virtualized software applications accelaerating service development and provisioning, particularly inside service provider situations.

Zigron puts the Power of SDN and NFV in Your Control

Our open architecture for SDN-based services helps you catch new business. It is versatile, easy to oversee, and savvy. By joining SDN with two integral innovation activities, NFV and Open Source, we’ve made it simple for you to adopt and expand upon:

NFV: Transform you network architecture and operations.

Open Source: Free your specialized ability to innovate and expand on the development of others.

Our Services

Zigron helps ventures exploit the capability of SDN and NFV by offering the accompanying services:

  • SDN Application development, upgrades and migration across controllers.
  • SDN – NFV solution integration.
  • Opensource SDN Controller Engineering, customization and feature enhancements.
  • OpenFlow enablement conformance.
  • Customization of Open source NFV and SDN Solutions.
  • Service Chaining.
  • MANO (Management and Orchestration).
  • VNF development, porting, testing, deployment and maintenance.

Our Technology Affiliates

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