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Corporate America has looked at IoT (Internet of Things) technology. They understand that ioT can help connect and create communication links between different sensors and devices, using both wireless and wired systems. Corporate Industrial IoT technology (iioT) keeps on growing. Almost 20% of corporations have embraced some form of iioT as an integral part of the corporate infrastructure. Zigron has actively involved in iioT solutions for almost 4 years and is uniquely positioned to help make these systems work efficiently, cost-effectively, and deliver a strong ROI with its overall iioT solution.

Zigron offers a complete solution encompassing both hardware, the right mix of software solutions, services, Network Virtualization, and Cloud based platforms expertise to provide corporations with everything needed to bring innovative connected solutions to their corporation. Zigron’s unique “one-stop-shop approach” streamlines the iioT development process, helps to reduce complexity in the corporate ecosystem, resulting in significant shortening of project timelines, and accelerating the ROI for clients. Zigron’s time-tested expertise of US/Offshore market presence greatly reduces cost, increases efficiency, and provides a global footprint to support customers.

Zigron IoT Skillset

  • Create scalable IoT device management platforms.
  • Integrate rich user interfaces on desktop and mobile devices.
  • Integrate multi-level security.
  • Unify control of sensors, RTUs and networks.
  • Enable simple integration of Big Data analytics & visualization.
  • Adopt open architectures that can adapt as ecosystem matures.

Zigron Industrial IoT Solutions

  • Smart Cities, Smart Lighting and Smart Buildings
  • Intuitive Factory Warehousing Applications
  • Comprehensive Transportation and Monitoring Applications
  • Oil and Gas Energy Applications
  • Cell Tower Monitoring and Analytics.
  • Predictive and Remote Maintenance
  • Asset Tracking and Smart Logistics
  • Energy Optimization
  • Connected Logistics and Shop Floor Analytics

IoT Analytics

Every moment of every day, data and big data is being created and used by smartphones, smart devices, machines, sensors, social media, video cameras, wearable technology and more, impacting the lives of consumers and corporations. Zigron recognizes the value big data can bring and believes that big data provides a significant source of value for companies. Zigron helps companies to determine how to manage the continuous and robust stream of data coming from the IoT, and deliver value on that data by providing exactly the right information to the right person, at the right time.

By pursuing IoT analytics, connected organizations can make data-driven business decisions based on hard evidence and statistical probabilities instead of soft opinions and gut feelings. Zigron expert team can help you develop an analytics strategy that is critical to driving true business value for your company which is trying to take advantage of the IoT and the big data it is creating.

Zigron IoT Analytics Toolkit (IAT) can help you solve the base challenges across the board like:

  • Online/Offline devices.
  • Device state & firmware.
  • User vs. App version.
  • Integration issues.
  • Energy consumption.
  • Operational analysis.
  • Predictive maintenance.
  • Registered and attached devices.
  • Devices attached to Gateways.
  • Alarms Triggered.
  • User behavior.
  • Events reaction.
  • Automation utilization.

For other kinds of custom analytics, Zigron team collaborates with your business team and identifies the business use cases and scenarios. Our team then builds the models and translates them into algorithms, integrates them into a current toolkit, and integrates into the advanced data visualization to provide exciting visual insights.

M2M (Machine to Machine) Solutions

Like all other OEM companies, are you also wondering what M2M is and why you need to implement it at present? These and many other questions can be addressed by understanding the ubiquity of low cost wireless networks. The dropping cost of sensors has made the adaptability of M2M feasible for nearly all the OEMs and service providers.

To cash the opportunity, many fragments need to be integrated to make M2M run successfully. Zigron Networks, along with its partner WebNMS, is here to help clients build a complete platform for their application. This is not “do it yourself brain surgery”, instead, by partnering with the WebNMS M2M platform, we can help you to deploy your M2M applications in months not years.

M2M provides boundless opportunities for wireless OEMs. Keeping in mind your needs, Zigron Networks can help you build M2M applications in a cost effective way. WebNMS provides a framework for integration and application development while Zigron Networks helps you deploy the framework and build the required applications using the WebNMS architecture.

Zigron Networks, along with its partner WebNMS, provides you a comprehensive M2M platform with more than 15 years of presence in the market and 25000 plus deployments around the globe. Zigron Networks and WebNMS offer you:

  • Service connectivity to provide large-scale connectivity to people and machines through devices, sensors, modules and SIMs.
  • Comprehensive M2M architecture to manage the smart evolution in communication industry.
  • M2M applications to help OEMs cash in on the significant revenue opportunity over the next few years.
  • Cloud based applications which can both understand the client’s needs and effectively extract this knowledge for your Big Data applications.
  • Data Analytics to deal with the volumes of data and represent in a client-usable way.
  • Secure and managed infrastructure.

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