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Consumer IoT Services

We engineer custom IoT solutions to build scalable security and monitoring systems. Our software engineers create complete IoT-based infrastructures to process, analyse, and implement on data collected from connected smart devices. We help businesses in the smart home industry build AI-powered and automated security and monitoring products.

Our comprehensive IoT platform development services:

  • Full-stack architecture planning
  • Platform development
  • Real-time analytics for data-driven decisions
  • IoT Integration with existing infrastructure
  • Consultancy for smart solution enablement
  • DevOps implementation for process agility

Venture with GoAbode

We became Abode’s core engineering partner to develop strong IoT functionality for their smart home security system. As a part of their complete IoT platform development, we incorporated AWS features like Kinesis Video Streaming (KVS) for low-latency video streaming and retention. We embedded their system with smart object detection, detailed analytics, and built a scalable failover cloud infrastructure. This led to a resilient security system that met their customer’s needs successfully.

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Iylus Mobile Application

We designed and developed a feature-packed, user-friendly, and visually pleasing mobile application for Iylus. The App acted as a hub to control and view the entire security system from the palm of the user’s hand. From a single platform, users could:

  • View live security videos
  • Access archived footage
  • Configure smart device settings
  • Set conditions to automate tasks
  • Receive alerts and notifications, and more

The app fulfilled every consumer to enhance convenience and ease.

Our Solution for Iylus

Following our success with Abode, Iylus was excited to have us as their core engineering partner. We created a smart automation and security system for home, business, and office use. Our engineers built an AI-driven connected ecosystem of smart devices accessible from a single control hub. Its functions included smart utility management, 24×7 monitoring with two-way audio and video, along with automatic detection of threats such as gas, smoke, or water leaks.

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