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Industrial IoT Services

Zigron’s software engineers build smart IoT solutions for energy and utility companies to maximize energy generation and significantly reduce costs. Our solutions enable real-time visibility of industrial equipment performance to minimize downtime and maximize production yield with detailed analytics. With our smart technology, energy and utility companies can remotely manage critical industrial assets to reduce operational inefficiencies.

Our major stack of services include:

  • Full-stack architecture planning
  • Platform development
  • Analytics for data-driven decisions
  • IoT Integration with existing infrastructure
  • End-to-end cloud enablement
  • Remote cloud monitoring and management
  • Consultancy for smart solution enablement
  • DevOps implementation for process agility


TerraSmart, (now acquired by Gibraltar Industries) is a front-runner in the solar industry working on utility-scale projects of over 3.2 GW’s. They required a scalable software system to accurately and reliably manage and monitor their solar energy. We successfully lead the digital transformation and automation of their solar energy management to enhance profitability and energy yields. From IoT firmware design, testing, and deployment, we did it all and more.

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Our Solution for TerraSmart

  • Cloud-based architecture and Control System Development
  • Tracker Automation
  • AI & ML applied to a massive extent to historical and real-time data
  • Cloud Monitoring to assess 24/7 operational performance
  • Remote Management of assets installed across multiple locations

Read Terrasmart’s Success Story

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