Zigron Services Around Tuya Smart IoT Platform

February 15, 2024

Tuya Smart is a universal IoT platform that authorizes products for brands, customers, OEMs, and retail chains. It not only makes smart home products but also provides a platform for other smart home manufacturers. The background of the Tuya Smart device to the cloud provides tools for service providers to create their smart home app comfortably. Since this process is relatively straightforward, smart home appliance manufacturers choose Zigron’s Tuya services to focus primarily on product and service development rather than cloud and part application to manage the devices.

However, to build services, Zigron recommends adding a cloud on top that integrates with Tuya cloud; this way, all the users can be managed seamlessly on the cloud, and underneath, the masking can happen. In the same manner, many use cases can be developed, and different smart services can be offered to the users seamlessly with a better and more customized user experience.


What Makes Tuya Smart Unique

Tuya’s IoT Edge Cloud empowers IoT connections and device autonomy at the edge with Tuya IoT Cloud services and terminals to build end-to-end product architecture. Companies can leverage Zigron’s IoT Edge Cloud services and take device response, bandwidth, and computing resources to the next level.

Zigron’s Tuya Experts Can Build IoT Infrastructure For Your Business

Zigron’s Tuya experts use cloud-native structure Kubernetes and Docker containment to support open-source middleware to suit the needs of different businesses. Our developed operations and management platform are responsible for cluster management, scheduling service, service governance, and monitoring alarms to ensure the stable operations of online systems.

Likewise, Middleware tools such as scene services, basis capabilities extension, app development, and integration, with the help of Zigron’s developers, deploy SaaS applications easily and flexibly. Based on the cloud-agnostic structure, developers can choose the IaaS deployment according to their preference, using AWS, Microsoft Azure, or local servers to manage cloud computing and application services. Zigron’s Tuya IoT Core services are compatible with AWS IoT Core, Azure, IoT Hub, and other major IoT services provided by cloud companies; thus, developers can manage all the devices across different platforms. The core capabilities supported by Tuya’s IoT PaaS help enterprises keep pace with the changing demand for IoT technology adoptions in business and create personalized IoT platform operations for industry verticals at a faster speed.


IoT Cloud Services – Today and Tomorrow

Cloud Computing and IoT are two very closely affiliated internet technologies with benefits that span different industries, i.e., Smart Homes, Healthcare, Retail, etc. Cloud-agnostic IoT service providers help businesses overcome problems posed by the rapidly expanding IoT industry. With billions of interconnected devices active in the market, Zigron’s Tuya cloud experts allow our developers to build their own private IoT platforms that are flexible and scalable to handle device management, connectivity, application development, and data analytics.

With the understanding of the client’s pain points, our Tuya based cloud agnostic IoT service deployment experts provide a five-module structure:

  • IaaS
  • Cloud-native PaaS
  • IoT Core base
  • IoT capability extension
  • Application development and integration platform

Zigron’s Tuya experts provide a comprehensive self-service development process to solve all kinds of problems that developers face in self-service development, which allows you to connect IoT devices, gateway, services, and applications to the cloud. This greatly helps to construct IoT industry verticals SaaS and achieve device management, data collection, data visualization, and more functionalities through no code approach.



Zigron provides Tuya IoT experts with time-tested skills and experience in smart manufacturing, smart cities, smart homes, smart health, smart energy, and many more to help move from high-cost traditional practices to combine creativity with impeccable engineering quality. Our IoT and AI experts leverage businesses in automating processes, gaining insights and engagement with end users to improve performance, support data security, and enable continuous operations.

Zigron is based out of Arlington, VA, USA, and has more than 150 engineers in Islamabad, Pakistan; and can be your perfect strategic outsourcing/offshoring long-term development partner for IIoT/IoT platforms development, cloud engineering, embedded engineering, edge computing, security, big data analytics and AI/ML. Zigron is here to help you optimize your costs and increase your speed to success. To leverage Zigron’s Tuya Platfrom services as your strategic long-term development partner, please email us at sales@zigron.com or contact us at +1-412-478-6588.