Who We Are

Building Tomorrow’s Technology Today

Since 2006, we have been engineering smart solutions and services for businesses around the world. Over the years, our team has gained deep domain expertise to solve complex business problems utilizing emerging and new technology. Empowered by innovation, we deliver customized software solutions. Committed to our clients, committed to the smart future.

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What We Do

You Imagine And We Build, It’s That Easy


  • System Evaluation
  • Strategic Planning
  • Performance Measurement
  • Software Enhancement

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  • Scalable Teams
  • Engineering Talent
  • Domain Expertise
  • Comprehensive Skills

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Software Engineering

  • Project Requirements
  • Solution Design
  • Engineering Solution
  • Software Readiness

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We Are Proud Of Our Partnerships.

Success Stories

  • Abode Systems – DIY Home Security

    Abode is a provider of DIY home security products. As an AWS consulting partner, we helped Abode meet changing customer needs by developing a reliable low-latency managed streaming service that made their cameras intelligent for remote monitoring and control with AWS Cloud, Kinesis Video Streaming and more.

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    Christopher Carney

    Founder & CEO of Abode

    "Abode is a new kind of home security company that provides a best of both worlds approach; a real security solution with all of the IoT technology benefits."

  • Iylus – Smart Living Solution with IoT Platform

    We collaborated with Iylus to develop an IoT solution for smart security, energy management, surveillance, and home automation. Our teams seamlessly ideated, developed, deployed a feature packed web and mobile application, smart camera connectivity, e-commerce platform, and remote monitoring and control of IoT devices.

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    Syed Furqan

    CFO at Iylus

    "We decided to work with Zigron based on their past AWS experience in IoT, DevOps, Analytics, and KVS services and most importantly their End to End Smart Home delivery experience using AWS services."

  • Transparent Hands – Accelerating Social Impact with Technology

    Transparent Hands is a healthcare crowdfunding platform. They wanted software for telehealth services, donor management, and process transparency. So, we built a mobile and web app to manage fundraising campaigns and migrated them to AWS Cloud to store and process donation invoices, beneficiary, and financial data at scale.

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    Rameeza Mueen

    CEO at Transparent Hands

    "Zigron's Digital Platform Development Services has transformed the face of online crowdfunding. Now Transparent Hands can store the data of thousands of patients. Also, Zigron has widened our reach and accelerated the social impact."

  • TerraSmart – Digital Transformation of Solar Energy

    TerraSmart worked on over 3.2 GW’s of ground-mount solar projects and wanted to digital transform their product `TerraTrak” to remotely manage and monitor solar energy reliably, accurately, and at scale. With IoT and Cloud we enabled data storage and analysis from on-site sensors via a powerful dashboard. This expedited costly-site visits, increased energy yields, and productivity.

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    Ryan Reid

    President at TerraSmart

    "Zigron is providing an all-inclusive software system for accurate, reliable, and scalable solar energy management and monitoring."