Smart Home As A Service: Next Frontier of Smart Living

March 14, 2024

Homeowners want a smart home. They want convenience and smart services, not a collection of connected devices. As Stacey on IoT describes, “The smart home shouldn’t exist to sell gadgets; it should exist to make users’ lives easier. So if it’s an oven that needs me to put in food that it cooks automatically or a more complex energy management system that’s trying to optimize my home’s energy use and consumption on my behalf throughout the day, it needs to require very little time to set up and almost zero additional effort from me on a day-to-day basis.

I don’t need my devices to bombard me with a million notifications about movements detected or doors unlocked. I need a way to customize the relevant information and have that surfaced in a glanceable manner. Alerts should be based on things that need my attention, not excuses to try to engage me with an app.”

And as Zigron describes, “A smart home is a handy house setup in which appliances and equipment are remotely and smartly managed and automated using a mobile or another networked device, accessible to anyone with an internet connection. These devices help users remotely control home security, heating, lighting, home theater, etc.

Current advancements have provided smart homes as a service with features such as fast updates, live video monitoring, and interference attentiveness, which were previously abstracted in older versions. This dynamic is expected to significantly boost the industry in the coming years with endless uses, i.e., home security, monitoring energy consumption, caring for the elderly or disabled, and many more.”

The household industry continues to search for advanced modernizations to guarantee security and reinforce market entryways, and that is why the global smart home market is growing and expected to nurture extensively in the years ahead.

Zigron has been working in Smart Home Industry, Consumer Electronics, Embedded systems, Security & Automation, Smart Health, and Smart Energy Management to help companies create smart and connected products and solutions. Through Integrated IoT services, Zigron’s IoT teams can help your organization build intelligent and connected device solutions by leveraging IoT platforms, Cloud, AI/ML, and Security for various intelligent but secured applications.


Why Should People Make Smart Homes?

Efficiency Is Everything!

Many individuals make their smart homes because it fills a need to improve efficiency, contribute to life enhancement, and build an intelligent environment.

Smart Home enables you access to all parts of your house with a single centralized system. A single system can manage everything from your appliances to your home security. Many people are building smart homes since these technologies are simple to set up, operate, and update and bring endless possibilities worth investing in. Some of the commonly used smart home appliances are:


Smart Audio

Devices like Smart speakers can do much more than play music. They scour the internet, tell you the weather forecast, provide news updates, operate as a personal assistant, and serve as the primary control point for your whole Smart-Home system. You can manage practically every part of your house with your voice if you have the correct smart speakers.


Smart TV

Smart TVs allow you to watch virtually whatever you want, anytime you want, regardless of whether you are connected or not. A smart TV normally refers to all IoT video streaming devices.


Smart Lights

People are replacing incandescent lights with smart bulbs to optimize lighting. Smart lights offer several illumination options and are a widely used solution. Smart bulbs transform ordinary lights into smart ones. In addition, smart lights can be synchronized with moments in events like soccer, football, cricket, etc., to create an engaging environment.


Smart Video DoorBells

Smart doorbells, like Video doorbells, not only detect and alarm you when someone approaches the front door, but they can also display video footage of the visitor and use intercom technology to communicate with them.


Smart Cameras

Smart cams, indoor or outdoor, not only detect motion but also detect person, pet, and fire detection, and alarm you when a suspicious movement is detected uninvited. They also record the movement clips of the video footage and record anywhere from 7 days to 90 days of footage on the cloud.


Cyber Threats That Smart Homes Face

Given the expansion of the dangerous landscape caused by connecting devices to the internet, owners of smart homes face three major challenges: privacy, vulnerability, and sustainability. Numerous IoT gadgets are used to weaken services, spread malware, mine for cryptocurrency, and perform denial-of-service assaults. When these IoT devices conduct DoS assaults, they leverage their bandwidth to target major corporations like ISPs and hosting providers. When these organizations encounter outages, it causes a chain reaction, leaving most smart homes in the dark and unable to utilize household equipment, such as turning on a light bulb. Zigron has developed the right kind of security expertise and solutions to thwart these cyber attacks and secure all IoT devices.


Zigron – Your Partner to Smart Life Solutions

The smart home concept has recently received much attention, and this trend is rising. As a result, smart home automation systems continue to improve and get more power to make living easier and more efficient by making things simpler by leveraging innovation and technology. In Short, smart homes transform how people use energy and interact with home gadgets by giving insights into energy consumption that help you become more efficient and environmentally conscious. When smart gadgets operate, energy usage decreases tremendously, bringing comfort, convenience, security, and peace of mind and boosting our overall well-being.

Zigron provides IoT and AI experts with time-tested skills and experience in the smart home industry to help move from high-cost traditional practices to combine creativity with impeccable engineering quality. Our IoT experts leverage businesses in automating processes, gaining insights and engagement with end users to improve performance, support data security, and enable continuous operations.

Zigron is based out of Arlington, VA, USA, and has more than 150 engineers in Islamabad, Pakistan; and can be your perfect strategic outsourcing/offshoring long-term development partner for AI + IoT platforms development, cloud engineering, embedded engineering, edge computing, and AI/ML. Zigron is here to help you optimize your costs and increase your speed to success. If you are interested in exploring Zigron as your strategic long-term development partner, please email us at or contact us at +1-412-478-6588.