Solar Tracking – A Smart Solar Installation Solution

March 22, 2024

Just like every other industry, Solar industry manufacturers are constantly making incremental improvements to their solar panels to create higher energy production than previous and competing models. One of the recent advancements is increasing system output by using solar trackers, which, unlike fixed-tilt ground-mount systems, make solar panels follow the sun’s path throughout the day.

Solar tracking is rising in popularity more than ever before. Using advanced technology for mounting photovoltaic (PV) panels, they automatically move to ‘track’ the sun’s progress across the sky to maximize output. We call this new era the “Smart Renewable Energy using Smart Platforms and Smart Engineering.”

At Zigron, we build end-to-end smart software platforms for Renewable Energy companies that combine Smart Apps, IoT-connected devices/trackers, Cloud, AI/ML-based analytics, and predictive analysis. Our customized Smart AIoT solutions empower energy companies with

  • Improved Operational Efficiency.
  • Increased Energy Production.
  • Failure Management.

We at Zigron also offer Solar PV engineering services, with over a decade of experience in solidifying solar foundations. Our Solar PV Engineers offer services ranging from engineering drawings, wire schedules, PVsyst, solar feasibility studies using AUTOCAD, and other design programs that are always up to date with emerging technologies and trends. In addition, they coordinate the layout of panels, inverters, and electrical components to optimize the amount of electricity, create full set electrical drawings for solar projects and analyze designs for simulation and testing.


Are Solar Trackers worth an Investment?

Yes, solar trackers are a worthy investment. Though solar trackers cost more money upfront, results have shown them to be less costly in the long run. More importantly, the solar installations with tracking equipment help produce 30%+ more energy than the traditional fixed panel system.

Solar trackers rely mainly on a motor or hydraulic cylinders to change position. Motors move the PV panels so that they are facing the sun all the time, which helps improve the panels’ efficiency. Likewise, solar trackers’ selection depends on system size, electricity rate, land constraints, latitudes, and weather. Solar trackers are categorized in which direction they move. A solar tracker can be either:

  • Single Axis
  • Dual Axis

Single Axis Trackers

Tracking technology is not new to the solar market, but single-axis solutions have become a standard in utility-scale applications. Single axis trackers follow the sun as it transverses through the sky, moving from east to west. Mainly single axis trackers are part of utility scale projects and help increase energy production by 25 to 35 percent.


Dual Axis Trackers

Dual axis trackers not only follow the sun’s movement from east to west but also from north to south. These trackers are used in both residential and commercial projects that have limited space so that they can increase energy production by 40 percent. Solar trackers offer the most significant value proposition in high latitude locations due to the yearly movements of the sun.

The use of solar trackers has increased production by around as much as 40 percent. Hence, there is a continuous increase in solar trackers being part of solar installations.


Further More…

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