Zigron’s Offshore Engineering Services in Renewable Energy Industry

May 3, 2024

Accelerate Your Clean Energy Revolution With Zigron

The energy industry is going through a massive transformation globally, and over the coming years, the energy will get smarter, more efficient, and more reliable. Whether it’s Solar, Wind, or Storage technologies, IoT and AI are helping drive this change and are revolutionizing the industry from the transmission to energy distribution between companies and end-users. Being one of the leading global Renewable Energy engineering solution providers, we partner with clients to develop alternatives to diminishing fossil fuels in combating the dangers of climate change. Alongside, we are also proud to have a diverse portfolio where we have helped identify, establish, and provide engineering services to our Renewable Energy partners/clients with the help of our Offshore Engineering services, i.e., Solar Engineer, Wind Engineer, Structural Engineer, Wind Engineer, Geotechnical and Electrical Engineers to name a few.


Zigron’s Engineering Competencies in Renewable Energy 

As renewable energy can minimize negative impacts and reduce carbon pollution, the increase in demand is only expected to continue; and Zigron has always been at the forefront of energy shifts as a multi-disciplinary engineering firm.


Structural Engineers ensure structural adequacy by ensuring that projects won’t stumble in extreme weather conditions, i.e., snowfalls, wind blows, earthquakes, etc. Our structural engineers are fully equipped to offer state-of-the-art services, from sizing and designing the racks and panel piping to the concrete foundation. This also includes the design of the blades, tower, the foundation for wind farms, and the Operations and Maintenance (O&M) part of the project. Zigron in house structural engineer toolset also includes:

  • Finite Element Analysis
  • Design and analysis
  • Advanced dynamic analysis


Electrical Engineers are at the core of the modern world, from computers to digital circuits, photonics, and a wealth of other electronics. Zigron’s electrical engineers have expertise in end-to-end service, from design and development to electrical components and equipment manufacturing. We ensure alliance with construction, manufacturing, construction, and installation standards. When it comes to the contribution of electrical engineers to sustainability-based energy projects, our electrical engineers are engaged in renewable energy transmission to provide end-to-end engineering services and address the following issues:

  • Modernizing and expanding high-voltage distribution lines.
  • Identifying the smartest strategies to transform renewable energy into electricity safely.
  • Precisely predict the eco power requirement and the storage capacity to satisfy those requirements.
  • Securely managing the grid power flows from production facilities.
  • Designing platforms to control grid issues.


Wind Engineers play a vital role in running systems that utilize the natural power of moving air to create electricity from wind farm installation. Our Wind engineers help design farm layouts, create schematics, do analyses and layouts of roads and transmission lines, and upgrade and streamline operations. Not only that, but we are pretty well equipped to evaluate compliance issues with health and safety codes, which is vital in building a specific wind energy system in any given location.


As a Geotechnical Engineer service provider, our engineers take responsibility for energy-related foundation concepts, installation methodologies, construction, and the development of design work. From overseeing and performing foundation selection for early-stage project assessments of wind farms, assisting in responding to queries during fabrication and construction works, i.e., during pre-assembly, construction sites, and installation phase, management of the design review during foundation and check technical and contractual interfaces between the design, fabrication, and installation of wind turbine foundations.


Civil Engineers are a core part of the Renewable Energy team. They perform activities related to site design of photovoltaics, including site planning, grading, modeling, and writing stormwater reports. Our civil engineers are fully capable of serving as a member of the integrated design team for coordinating alongside other disciplines to meet project schedules. Some of the expertise our civil engineers excel in are:

  • Drafting and design of surface creation.
  • Assistance in the preparation of design documents.
  • Stormwater modeling and basin design.


Solar PV Engineers are key members of the solar energy engineering team. They offer services ranging from engineering drawings, one line, wire schedules, PVsyst, solar feasibility studies using AUTOCAD, and other design programs. Zigron’s solar engineers have a good understanding of NEC 2014 and keep up with the emerging technologies. Some of the key responsibilities include:

  • Full set electrical drawings for utility and commercial scale
  • Panel system designs
  • PVsyst analysis
  • Site feasibility studies and surveying


We have been providing solutions and Project Engineers during every stage of the project development life cycle. We ensure every project is completed within a predetermined time with specialists and a comprehensive portfolio of engineering solutions, combined with project management protocols. We take massive pride in meeting our clients’ needs by supporting long-term, cost-effective, safe, and best value delivery.

  • Preparing, scheduling, and coordinating assigned projects
  • Interacting with clients to understand their needs
  • Perform overall quality control
  • Review project deliverables


AUTOCAD Engineers offer the creation of technical designs using a software application. AUTOCAD remains the leading software application that helps create designs for products and buildings. Our CAD engineers have expertise in designing and developing 2D models and 3D plans necessary in product engineering; with a wide range of industries, i.e., Mechanical, Electrical, or Chemical Engineering. Some of their key responsibilities include:

  • Design frameworks.
  • Work alongside industrial and packaging engineers.
  • Code and Test software.
  • Aid in the selection of material.


Estimators help study and estimate alteration, repair, construction design, and specification of labor, design, and material. Our estimators also perform architectural design responsibilities and make technical decisions within the scope of the given instructions. Their key responsibilities include:

  • Studies architectural and structural designs.
  • Provide an estimate of the product.
  • Communicate externally.
  • Provide ideas and help management.
  • Generate associated bills of materials.


Zigron’s Mission

We are committed to a sustainable future by offering tailored solutions for all aspects of the world’s renewable energy projects, whether large-scale energy plants or smaller facilities. Zigon’s mission is to provide state of the art end-to-end turnkey solutions to its clients throughout the project lifecycle – from feasibility studies and advice on technical, financial, emission, and environmental issues to engineering design and energy simulations through to the construction phase in addition to building IoT and AI-based Smart Energy platforms.


Let’s Connect

Are you designing a renewable energy project and facing the challenge of hiring Electrical, Structural, Wind, or any other related engineers? Here, Zigron’s engineers are your best option! We will be your long-term strategic partner for your engineering work and will help you focus your efforts on the business’s unique core competencies.

Zigron is a leading global Renewable Energy engineering service partner and a solution provider. We help renewable energy companies develop IoT-based Smart Energy platforms and analyze data with AI/ML. We also provide services around ERP implementation. Alongside, Zigron provides hardcore engineers like Solar PV, Wind, Civil, Geotechnical, CAD, Project, Structural, and Electrical as well as Estimators. With Zigron, you can accelerate your Renewable Energy pursuit.

Zigron is based out of Arlington, VA, USA, and has more than 150 engineers in Islamabad, Pakistan; and can be your perfect strategic outsourcing/offshoring platform development/AI analytics and engineering partner to optimize your costs and increase your speed to success. If you are interested in exploring us in your upcoming renewable energy projects, please reach out by email at sales@zigron.com or contact +1-412-478-6588. We look forward to working with you.