Cloud Engineering

Zigron’s Cloud Engineering Services give adaptable solutions to empowering the organization and remote administration of frameworks and devices crosswise over cloud-based systems and for making creative new wireless broadcasting applications and services that improve engagement with cell phones in location-particular systems.

We provide an adaptable scope of services for empowering the remote administration, diagnostics, and monitoring over a cloud-based system. We offer a suite of capacities including System Health Monitoring, System Control, OTA (Over-the-Air) System Update, and Task Management that can be controlled from a solitary program based dashboard to guarantee 24/7 operation of mission critical tasks. Our systems can likewise be modified to meet particular client necessities.

We offer turnkey app design, content integration, and administration services that integrate wireless technologies to upgrade interaction with mobile devices. We also offer our clients that we can develop solutions for them which can be integrated into their existing apps by them or clients can take advantage of letting us integrate our developed solutions in there already developed app here in our world class development center where we program improvement expertise to make innovative new solutions for enhancing versatile client engagement and encounters.

Our solutions involves a suite of wireless broadcasting innovations including sonic sensing, Bluetooth LE, WiFi, and 3G, which empowers the formation of location-particular systems in restaurants, stores, museums and exhibitions, transportation centers, and other spaces that convey custom-made information to a users mobile device opening up exciting new chances to liven up encounters with new kinds of interaction and support.

With the capacity to directly draw in with clients through their Smart phones the minute they enter a foundation, Our solutions upgrades user interaction behaviour by delivering exceptional offers and advancements, product information, online networking | sharing, navigation, and other customized services – all based on individual inclinations.

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