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SOAR: An Automated approach against Security Incidents

Security Orchestration Automation and Response (SOAR) is a term coined to define three distinct software capabilities – threat and vulnerability management, security incident response, and security operations automation. SOAR is a process of responding to infinite security-threats at machine speed without human assistance. SOAR enables organizations and security personnel to gather threat-related data from a variety of sources and automate the response of non-primary security threats such as APT (Advanced Persistent Threats), SSL Certificate Management, Compromised Indicator Hunting, Spear Phishing, etc.

SOAR solution stack capacitates organizations to implement refined defense-in-depth capabilities by providing them comprehensive information, case management, workflow, analytics, and standardization.

In 2017, Gartner identified three core competencies of SOAR technologies:

  1.   Threat and Vulnerability Management: To remediate threats and vulnerabilities and providing structured workflow, reporting, and collaboration capabilities.
  2.   Response to Security Incidents: To facilitate organizations to plan, manage, and track the prompt response to security incidents.
  3.   Automation of Security Operations: To automate and orchestrate workflows, processes, policy execution, and reporting.

SOAR Flowchart

SOAR automates every task that previously managed manually by collaborating and working with a proactive approach to improving an organization’s cybersecurity operations. Here’s a guide on how SOAR works:

  • SOAR solutions stack collects alarm data from all connected platforms and situates that data in one central location to investigate further.
  • Through SOAR’s methodology of case management, users can examine, analyze, and perform relevant investigations utilizing a single case.
  • To accommodate ultra-automated and complex workflows of incident response, SOAR builds a strong integration for delivering rapid results and coping with adaptive defense.
  • SOAR solutions stack consists of various playbooks. These playbooks indicate individual steps in response to specific cyber threats. Each automated step is reliant on one-click execution within the platform-like Hive. 
5 ways SOAR helps businesses to overcome the Security obstacles

In the world of ever-emerging cyber threats, SOAR benefits businesses of all sizes. SOAR improves the ability of businesses to instantly detect and counter the attacks where organizations mostly lack equipped security personnel. Such organizations are in dire need to sustain evolving IT estates and this is where SOAR addresses the core needs of cybersecurity.

  1.   Render Advanced Quality Intelligence      

SOAR Infographics

   An in-depth understanding is required to tackle the latest cybersecurity disruptive threats such as the attackers’ tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs), a capability to recognize indicators of compromise (IOCs). To validate the data from a broader variety of sources, including threat intelligence platforms, exchanges, and security technologies such as firewalls, intrusion detection systems, SIEM, and UEBA technologies, SOAR enables SOCs to become more intelligence-driven. 

The impact of this process is that security staff can comprehend incidents, receive well-informed decisions, and accelerate incident exposure and consolidate the response.

  1.   Enrich the Capability and Capacity of Operations

SOAR Infographics

Managing different security technologies can burden the security staff. Systems require constant monitoring to ensure their current health and performance – the thousands of alarms they generate on a daily basis can also cause alert fatigue. Switching continuously between manifold systems may worsen the situation for the security team at the expense of their enormous time, efforts, and escalating risk of mistakes being made.

SOAR solutions stack aims to assist CSOCs in order to fully automate or semiautomate the everyday tedious tasks of security operations. The tools of SOAR can diminish the need for SOC teams to perform “context switching” by introducing intelligence and controls through a single pane of glass and utilizing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. It also ensures that each process is manipulated effectively, enhancing the productivity of organizations to manage more incidents with minimum security staff. 

  1. Power Orchestration with Automation

SOAR Infographics

Orchestration is the process that boosts security procedures by enabling your current resources to work in an alliance. The progressive model and proactive approach secure the organization from threats by performing advanced defense tactics with UI standardization, workflow report, and comprehensive data collection. 

  1.   Tackling a Threat with Rapid Responsiveness 

SOAR Infographics

An accelerated response is needed to limit and scale down the breaches that may cause huge damage and disruption. With the help of SOAR, organizations can minimize mean time to detect (MTTD) and mean time to respond (MTTR) by quick remediation of security alerts instead of weeks and months.

Moreover, SOAR empowers security professionals to automate the incident response. Automated responses could involve blocking an IP address on a firewall or IDS system, interrupting user accounts, or isolating infected endpoints from a network.

  1.   Outdo Reporting and Data Collection

SOAR Infographics

In most cybersecurity operations centers, frontline workers spend an inordinate amount of time handling cases, journaling, creating reports, and documenting incident response procedures. SOAR allows security experts to manage security incidents and improve joint efforts with different groups to share occurrence information and apply fixes more productively. 

SOAR solutions give custom-built dashboards that produce reports in visual forms, permitting the security experts to contextualize past incidents so they can manage upcoming threats confidently. It also helps to improve the communication between the C-suite and the frontline. SOAR conjointly helps to systemize the information and avoid loss of institutional memory by automating tasks and procedures. 


The security and risk management teams and organizations must evaluate how SOAR solutions can consolidate their security operations and optimize their capabilities.


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