Cloud Engineering

Zigron Cloud Engineering services help clients tackle the most challenging architecture, implementation and operations requirements for cloud-based applications, products and platforms on public, private and hybrid environments.

Zigron product lifecycle service spans design, engineering, test and operations. We help our clients adapt and keep pace with the changing industry landscape in solution architecture, application development and deployment, system infrastructure implementation and software engineering.

Our team of experts have a wealth of experience in the following areas:

Our Cloud Architecture team helps you design it right. The first time!

Whether you are planning a straight forward lift and shift migration or redesigning your existing cloud strategy, our team of experienced consultants help you plan and implement a high-availability and high-performance cloud architecture through our extensive knowledge and experience in dealing with factors like latency, fault tolerance, monitoring and management, database sizing, and disk I/O requirements.:

We can help you with Network Design, System Sizing, Storage Design, Point-to-Point Security Design, Monitoring and Alerting & Failover Strategy and other services including:

  • Technology Assessment & Consulting Services
    • Assess portfolio for migrating workloads
    • Define roadmap for migration
    • Define scope for a POC migration, along with key success criteria
    • Design, develop, and deploy POC use case
    • Private, Hybrid Cloud
    • Deployment Model : Public, develop CBA (Cost Benefit Analysis) and business case for RoI
  • R&D, Solution Architecture and Development of Proof-of-Concept
    • Virtualization of telecom network elements like EPC, SIGTRAN, Cloud-RAN and their deployment in cloud-based on OpenStack
    • Cloud management and orchestration: Development of cloud management frameworks for managing and orchestrating NFVs, application and cloud element over OpenStack
    • OpenStack networking controller and storage optimization for various hardware platforms
    • Automation and tool development for DevOps, performance loading and resiliency testing
    • Developing Internet scale platform services using Java, LAMP stack, Ruby and node.js
    • Big Data platforms leveraging MongoDB, Cassandra, Hadoop, Spark and Storm

Successful Cloud Implementation is critical to a successful cloud strategy!!

Zigron can help you achieve a strategic advantage by aligning your cloud implementation strategy with your business objectives. Our team of experts has a wealth of experience in dealing with all of the proven cloud platforms like AWS, Microsoft, Google and KVM and in setting up data centers, blueprint designing, application migration and integration services including the following:

  • Implementation setup of private and hybrid cloud infrastructure using OpenStack, CloudStack and VMWare
  • Capacity planning and design infrastructure provisioning policies
  • Migration services for moving legacy applications and data to the cloud
    • Define application migration approach
    • Refresh / upgrade application technology / components
    • Define cloud deployment framework
    • Migrate applications to target the cloud platform
    • Functional and non-functional parity testing
  • Integration of public and private cloud applications
  • Integration with other cloud services and SaaS platforms

Zigron Cloud Testing can help you convert your Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) into Operating Expenditure (OPEX)!

Overcome the challenges of traditional testing by leveraging our expert services to set up a tailored Cloud Testing infrastructure, reducing both your up-front investment cost and business risk. Our testing services include but are not limited to:

  • Cloud infrastructure testing for auto-scaling and failover resiliency
  • Security testing for cloud applications
  • Test lab setup on cloud and testing using cloud
  • Performance testing of applications in the cloud
  • Data consistency and validation
  • Vulnerability scanning, fuzz testing and penetration testing

Deployment & DevOps

Whether it is continuous integration, development, testing or deployment, Zigron can help you make a stunning impact and take the road to success. With Zigron’s DevOps services, you can expedite the pace of your development lifecycle, achieve shorter Time-to-Market and deliver an enhanced customer experience. We can help you achieve the following:

  • Continuous delivery of software using automation and DevOps tools and processes
  • Automated deployment using Zigron Cloud Enabling Software solution
  • Integration and customization of build, deploy and CI tools using Jenkins framework
  • User onboarding and training
  • Continuous monitoring and management of infra and applications using Zigron Cloud Enabling Software solution
  • ….Learn more about Zigron DevOps

Post Deployment

With Zigron’s post deployment monitoring and management services, minimize the negative impact on your business by identifying IT issues before disruptions occur. Easily manage your hybrid multi-cloud environments through Zigron’s unified solution, no matter how many types of cloud platforms your business uses.

  • Active managed services
  • Dedicated engineers to monitor public / private cloud-based applications
  • Optimize systems constantly for better efficiency and utilization
  • Single point of contact for emergency and change management
  • Automated managed services
  • Use tools / management platforms to passively monitor servers. Alerts are raised on reaching thresholds (customizable)
  • Actions triggered for appropriate fault management and scaling scripts will also be automated providing a self-healing and self-maintaining system

Our Differentiation

  • Development and migration to public and private cloud is 60% faster through utilization of Zigron tools and enabling software solutions
  • Experience managing 100s of virtualized servers, multi-terabytes of data and millions of users
  • Extensive experience in developing public and private cloud platforms gives Zigron a unique advantage in architecting cloud solutions and applications
  • Strong team of cloud technology experts in OpenStack, KVM, AWS, Azure & VMWare and engineers proficient in cutting-edge cloud technologies
  • Ecosystem of partnerships with major cloud platform providers including OpenStack, AWS, Azure, Cloudband, VMware and others

Our Technology Affiliates

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