Client Overview

Terrasmart, a pioneering force is solar industry, is dedicated to advancing sustainability through innovative solar mounting solutions. With a track record of deploying over 19GWs of solar across 4600 PV systems in the United States, Terrasmart is renowned for its durable, efficient, and easily installable mounting solutions, making them the go-to choice solar projects across United States.

The Challenge

Terrasmart faced a significant challenge in optimizing the design and layout of their solar ground mounts for their projects. As the demand of solar energy installation increased, Terrasmart needed a partner who could efficiently, and cost effectively support their engineering and design requirements. They sought assistance in streamlining their engineering processes, ensuring accurate engineering drawing and tools, and enhancing project delivery timelines.

Site Assessments and Analysis

The journey to optimize Terrasmart’s solar mounting systems began with a detailed examination of project sites. Zigron conducted detailed offshore site assessments, working hand in hand with Terrasmart to understand every aspect of the site including terrain, soil, and environmental factors. This critical step laid the foundation for tailored approach for each project.


A key challenge in solar project planning is the varying topography of sites. Zigron’s team analyzed detailed topography surveys provided by Terrasmart to identify and address potential challenges posed by site’s slope or topography. This thorough analysis ensured that all mounting structures could be installed within permissible inclination, maximizing the efficiency and durability of the solar project.

Project Layout

The client required sophisticated analytics and user feedback mechanisms to continually improve their applications and make data-driven decisions.


To ensure the structural integrity and longevity of Terrasmart’s solar mounting systems, Zigron conducts thorough reviews of geotechnical reports for ground screws. This includes incorporating critical information related to foundation construction considerations and providing concise summaries on soil conditions. Additionally, Zigron works closely with the testing team on-site to identify critical zones across the site based on the geotechnical report. This collaborative effort resulted in the creation of a comprehensive ground screw test locations map, which is instrumental in determining the actual capacity of foundations.

Structure Design and

Armed with insights from site assessments, topographical analysis, and geotechnical reports, Zigron’s team of engineers go on designing and optimizing mounting structures for the each project. Utilizing advanced engineering techniques and tools created by Zigron’s in-house team, the structural integrity and performance of the mounting systems are optimized to meet industry standards. Detailed engineering drawings and 3D models of the mounting structures are created to assist the construction and installation teams, ensuring seamless and quick implementation of the designs on-site.

System Monitoring

Post-installation, Zigron continues to be a steadfast partner, monitoring the performance of Terrasmart’s solar mounting systems. This involves conducting regular online inspections, analyzing performance data, and implementing any necessary adjustments to improve efficiency and performance.


The collaboration between Zigron and Terrasmart yielded significant results and benefits:

  • Streamlined engineering processes for Terrasmart, reducing design cycle times, and improving project delivery timelines.

  • Enhanced accuracy and precision in engineering drawings, minimizing errors and rework.

  • Increased scalability and flexibility to accommodate fluctuating project requirements and timelines.

  • Improved cost-effectiveness and resource utilization, optimizing overall project budgets and profitability.

  • Strengthened partnership and collaboration between Zigron and Terrasmart, fostering long-term mutual growth and success.


Through this collaboration, Zigron learned the importance of innovative design and close collaboration with clients to achieve optimal results. Moving forward, Zigron plans to continue its partnership with Terrasmart to further enhance their solar ground mounts and drive greater sustainability in the renewable energy sector.

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